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How drivers can avoid the most common collisions

| Jan 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

According to research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are four types of collisions that are the most common. Drivers in Tennessee may want to know what these collisions are and how they can avoid them.

More than 50% of serious crashes that took place in the year 2016 involved front-impact collisions. This happens when the front of a vehicle hits another vehicle or a tree, telephone pole or something else on the side of the road. These types of accidents are most common when the roads are slippery, like when it is raining or snowing. Drivers need to allow more reaction time in case their car suddenly loses control. Also, they should avoid distractions while driving, like using a cellphone.

Side-impact collisions, like a T-bone incident, made up about 25% of the serious crashes that took place in the year 2016. Avoiding these types of accidents involves looking both ways when coming up to stop signs and stop lights as well as checking blind spots before changing lanes.

When drivers go too fast or are aggressive, rear-end collisions often occur. It is important for a driver to leave enough space between their vehicle and the vehicle that is in front of them. Collisions in parking lots are also common. Drivers need to check their surroundings before getting into their car and take advantage of their rear-view camera if they have one.

Despite all the precautions a driver may take, motor vehicle accidents still occur. When a person is the victim of an accident and they experience a personal injury, they may want to discuss their situation with an attorney. The attorney may help them seek compensation for their injuries. The attorney may also be able to answer questions about statutes of limitation and provide practical assistance when filing a claim.