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We use our experience to solve your
legal issues effectively and efficiently.

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AAA warns of the dangers of driving hungover with hangover

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While New Year’s Eve has come and gone, many Tennessee residents will likely participate in plenty of nights of drinking throughout 2021. When people drink away from home, they often, wisely, choose to leave their vehicle parked and spend the night in place. However, many individuals may not realize that driving the next morning with a hangover can actually be as dangerous as driving after a few drinks. Those who have partied the night before may wake up with alcohol still in their blood and/or feeling tired and disoriented. AAA offers the following information for avoiding DUI, even the day after.

Driving hungover is risky

An AAA online resource explains that only time will help a drinking person sober up, and it takes at least 75 minutes for a human body to eliminate the alcohol in one standard-sized drink. Hangover symptoms often include fatigue, weakness, headaches and body aches, nausea and vomiting, shakiness and decreased ability to concentrate. Drivers with any of these symptoms could be dangerous on the road, regardless of the cause.

Plan ahead and stay safe

People who choose to drink away from home can stay safe and avoid a DUI charge by keeping a few tips from AAA in mind. For one, it’s smart to arrange alternate transportation before leaving home for a party. Hosts can make nonalcoholic drinks available to guests, and they can take car keys away from guests who have had too much to drink. As well, drivers on the road who suspect another driver of DUI should try to keep distance between themselves and the other vehicle and pull over and call 911 when possible.

No doubt, most Tennessee drivers plan ahead and make smart decisions when drinking with friends and family. Unfortunately, there will always be some irresponsible people on the road, so the potential for tragedy always exists. Victims of motor vehicle accidents who have suffered serious injury have the right to pursue the matter further against the party or parties believed responsible. An experienced personal injury attorney can be a valuable resource in such situations.