Tips for a Successful Joint Custody Arrangement

Likely, most Tennessee parents who are divorced or in the process of doing so worry about the effects of the divorce on the kids. Undoubtedly, any parent in this position considers the health and well-being of their children a top priority. Many divorcing parents prefer to maintain regular involvement in their child’s life and therefore choose a joint custody arrangement. Parents who have gone this route can keep a few important tips in mind to ensure a healthy environment for all people involved.

For one, since divorced parents who share custody are going to have to maintain a relationship with each other, they are wise to keep all communication between them respectful. As well, any comments to the children about the other parent should be respectful. Secondly, for practical reasons, it is best if parents sharing custody live in relatively close proximity — ideally, within 20 miles of each other. Divorced people who share custody should also document all details concerning time spent with the children and even any thwarted attempts to spend time with them, in case of any future custody conflicts.

Divorced parents should also ensure they are participating financially in their children’s upkeep, including costs of extracurricular activities, school fees, etc., as well as child support, if applicable. As any parent knows, children are expensive, and sharing equally in costs is important. Finally, in the case of a custody disagreement, divorced parents are smart to remember that arrangements should be made according to what is in the children’s best interest, as this will be the guiding premise if the case must be brought before a judge.

Divorced people as well as those currently going through the process understand how stressful it can be negotiating many aspects of a divorce. Those who are also parents may find decisions involving their children especially difficult, as they try to do what is best for the kids and everyone else involved. Many Tennessee couples seek the help of an experienced family law attorney who can provide valuable guidance in making such important, life-changing decisions.

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