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We use our experience to solve your
legal issues effectively and efficiently.

We use our experience to solve your
legal issues effectively and efficiently.

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Helping Chattanooga Families With Their Divorce

After a married couple decides to file for divorce, the next step is to determine how the legal aspects of the divorce will be handled. Most people aren’t prepared to deal with it by themselves and need an experienced lawyer to advise them along the way and to handle the details.

It’s especially important for each spouse to have an attorney if the couple’s estate is large. The distribution of assets involves tactical legal considerations like tax planning.

Talk to a Hamilton County divorce attorney about important end-of-marriage issues. Call Horton, Ballard & Pemerton at 800-819-3927.

Important Legal Matters

Some important issues to consider are listed below.

  • If you have children, child custody may be your top concern.
  • Dividing assets after a divorce may also be an issue of contention. Property, debt, investment accounts and retirement plans all need to be considered.
  • Alimony may also be important to consider. It may be critical if one spouse is advanced in age, sick or disabled.

How We Help Clients

After a marriage ends, many decisions must be made. When you have questions about your rights, we have answers. Our firm is available to advise you during every stage of your divorce, including:

  • Timing: When you’re concerned about the timetable, or don’t even know where to start, we can give you an overview of the divorce process. Our team can come up with a strategy to achieve your best interests.
  • Estate planning and business implications: We will advise you regarding the implications of divorce on important estate planning matters like wills and trusts, and how your divorce will affect your business.

If you’re contemplating a divorce, there’s no better time to meet with a member of our team. Even if you’re in the midst of divorce, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact Horton, Ballard & Pemerton, located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to address your legal needs. Call 800-819-3927.