What to Consider When Making a Decision about Divorce

Divorce is a huge step, and it is important for people who seek it to be relatively sure it is what they want. There are several questions people in Tennessee might ask themselves if they are considering divorce. For example, they should think about whether what they are going through is just a bad patch in an otherwise good marriage or part of a larger long-term pattern.

A person who is seeking emotional support elsewhere should try relying on the spouse for that again. People should also consider whether they feel the marriage supports them in pursuing their dreams or holds them back. In some cases, people may have to confront whether they would be happier by leaving their spouse.

People need to know and honor one another’s core values, be kind and listen to one another. Neither should try to change what is important to the other. While compromise is important in a marriage, it should not always be the same person who is compromising. Spouses should also grow together. If one person is rigid or tends toward negative habits or both people are a bad influence on one another, it may be better to end the marriage. Finally, people should try to communicate their unhappiness to their spouses and give them a chance to fix things instead of just leaving.

People who do decide on divorce may need to divide property and agree on a schedule for child custody and visitation. They might be able to do this in negotiations. People often prefer this to litigation, which can be costlier in terms of time and money. However, if one person is hiding assets or will not cooperate or if one parent thinks the children might not be safe with the other parent, litigation may be necessary.

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