Many Divorced Parents Find Co-parenting Apps Helpful

Most divorced parents choose to remain an important part of their children’s lives. However, many divorced Tennessee parents already know co-parenting presents numerous challenges, even if the relationship between the parents remains civil. As clear and respectful communication contributes to maintaining a successful co-parenting relationship, ex-spouses who have been through a contentious divorce likely find co-parenting particularly difficult. Many divorced parents have found a co-parenting app a useful tool to help them keep track of their kid’s daily activities, communicate effectively and share important documents, often with the happy result of reducing family drama.

Calendar Helps Co-parents Organize Daily Events

What features do these apps offer? For one, a central calendar helps keep all family members up to date on all manner of daily activities, such as appointments, events, sleepovers, field trips, and the like, including the custody schedule. With the app, parents can request trades with their ex and avoid a potentially contentious conversation. Some of these apps also allow other people to become users — for example, extended family and caregivers — and users can receive reminders of upcoming events.

Co-parents Can Upload Important Information

Many co-parenting apps also offer the ability to upload and share important documents, such as homework assignments and medical instructions. This way, both parents have all the necessary information to properly manage their child’s needs, without having to speak directly with the other parent. As well, many of these apps offer useful messaging capabilities — for example, showing when a message was sent, received, and read.

While a co-parenting app can provide an effective communication and management tool for divorced parents, people should be sure to use it properly. It is important for parents to agree on their goal in using the app from the beginning, and regular and equal participation is crucial to its success. As well, co-parents should be sure to not let the app completely replace human interaction; children need to see that their parents can speak to each other civilly. Divorcing Tennessee couples, parents or not, often seek assistance navigating what can be a complicated process, and an experienced family law attorney can help them through this challenging time.

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