Some Traits That Break up Marriages

Many Tennessee couples know that certain behaviors contribute to marriages breaking up. These include sarcasm, criticism, stonewalling and contempt. Contempt has actually been identified as the main predictor of divorce. There are other silent relationship killers as well.

Conflict avoidance can kill a relationship because it does not allow a couple to address issues that arise on a regular basis. Since the problems are not addressed, the negativity and hurt are just allowed to fester. Not learning how to address conflict in a more open way can kill a relationship.

Invalidating emotions can also lead to a couple breaking up. This is a difficult one to avoid because some people do it without even knowing it. A person may feel that their partner is being offensive and may never say anything. However, it leads them to feeling unheard and disconnected.

Many individuals enter a relationship with past trauma that has never been addressed. If individuals do not deal with this, it can hurt all of their future relationships. For example, when a person has been cheated on in the past, they may constantly feel insecure and anxious when their new partner travels for work, doesn’t respond to their messages right away or is not in constant contact. Some individuals have found that therapy can be helpful in this situation.

Some couples decide to keep their finances separate. While some have experienced benefits from doing this, most have found that this does not bring them closer together. It can lead to trust issues, especially if one or both partners have a tendency to lie.

There are some cases where individuals feel that they cannot continue on with their marriage. When this happens, a family law attorney may be able to work with a client to take steps that are necessary to file for a divorce. The attorney may answer questions about child custody, property division and shared debt.

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