Mediation Could Make Divorce a Less Stressful Experience

Spouses never marry with the intent of one day ending the marriage. Every year, however, thousands of couples in Tennessee and across the country choose to divorce. The divorce litigation process is known for being expensive and lengthy. Instead of battling it out in court, more and more spouses today are choosing divorce mediation. Here are a few ways mediation could make the divorce process a less stressful experience.  

What Exactly Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process that involves both spouses meeting with a neutral, third-party mediator to discuss and resolve the divorce. Mediation facilitates communication between couples and allows them to settle disputes in an impartial and cooperative setting. The open and free exchange of information enhances the ability of both parties to confidently negotiate with each other. During the negotiation process, the mediator helps spouses stay on track and keeps them focused on the issues at hand.  

What Are the Benefits of Mediation? 

Mediation can greatly minimize the negative and destructive outcomes of a divorce. The mediation process allows couples to cooperate to reach resolutions rather than compete. It can actually improve a couple’s relationship since they have to cooperate and communicate effectively to solve problems. Also, since the divorce is kept out of court, mediation is usually a less expensive option.  

Most mediation cases are successful and end in a settlement of all issues. However, those who are heading into a divorce may be feeling confused or overwhelmed with the situation and all that is required. Any person in Tennessee who has questions about divorce or divorce mediation could benefit by contacting a legal representative. An experienced family law attorney can answer difficult questions and provide much-needed legal guidance. 

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