Safe Winter Driving Tips in Tennessee

Tennessee may be a southern state, but that doesn’t stop the snow or winter weather from affecting the roads. Even the slightest snowfall can impact the road conditions and driving ability of others around you.

Winter storms might not happen every day in Tennessee, but it is essential to know how to drive in the event of inclement weather. To avoid being involved in an accident, make sure you adjust to the weather and drive accordingly.

How Can You Adjust to Winter Driving?

Freezing temperatures and unsafe road conditions lead to more accidents. In fact, according to the Department of Transportation, hazardous weather causes about 21 percent of accidents each year. You may be able to avoid a crash this winter by:

  • Driving slower: When there is snow or ice on the ground, your tires will have less traction. Adjusting your speed accordingly can increase the amount of reaction time you have and help you avoid crashes.
  • Accelerating and braking slower: With less tire traction, your vehicle could skid or slide if you accelerate or brake too fast. Light press down on the gas pedal and make sure to pump your breaks if you need to stop quickly.
  • Leaving more room ahead of you: Generally, it is advised that you keep a two-second gap between you and the car ahead. In poor weather conditions, you might want to increase this gap to at least four to five seconds. This will allow you more time to react to sudden changes.
  • Avoiding cruise control: Cruise control is useful when you are driving long-distance in good weather conditions. When the roads are icy and covered in snow, you do not want the cruise control dictating your speed.

Following all of the tips above and maintaining complete focus on the road will only lower the chances of being involved in a wreck. Accidents can still happen and if you are involved in one, be sure to seek medical help. If there was damage to either vehicle, it might be a good idea to speak with an attorney as well.

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