1 Fatality in Recent 3-vehicle Accident

Driving is one of the most dangerous things Tennessee residents do on a daily basis. Many recent studies suggest that motor vehicle accidents kill more people every year than guns do in the United States. Virtually everyone knows someone who has been injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident. Sadly, a lot of traffic accidents are completely preventable.

3-Vehicle Accident

Recently in Nashville, an accident involving three vehicles claimed the life of a man. The crash happened during the afternoon hours on the 7300 block of Highway 100 near Edwin Warner Park. According to reports, a sedan was coming to a stop to make a left turn and was struck from behind by another car.

Tragic Death

Reports said the impact knocked the sedan into the oncoming lanes of traffic where it was struck on the passenger side by another car. Authorities said the driver of the sedan suffered severe injuries and was rushed to a local medical center. Tragically, the man died a short time later at the hospital. The occupants of the other two cars were not injured. Police said the crash remains under investigation.

Unfortunately, getting behind the wheel and going for a drive is more dangerous than ever in the state of Tennessee. Those who have been injured or suffered the loss of loved ones due to the negligence of another party in motor vehicle accidents have the right to consult a skilled litigator and take legal action. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in a substantial monetary award that victims and families could use to pay medical or end-of-life expenses.

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