Coming Together to Separate

Long gone are your romances along the Walnut Street Bridge, so you and your former partner are going your separate ways. You may not see eye-to-eye on things, but working together through a divorce could be your best option.

Tennessee often requires mediation in the divorce process. If mediation fails, the divorce will move to court. This may sound like the most straightforward route, but working together with your former partner to stay out of court could be the best option for you.

Meeting Agreements

Mediation can cover a breadth of topics that arise during a divorce, and help you handle them in a way that the courts can’t. When you don’t have to play by the strict rules of a court of law, there can be a few benefits in coming to an agreement:

  • Spare the kids: Your day in court may not be in the best interest of your children. Determining their future before them, and possibly involving them in the proceedings may cause your children unnecessary emotional stress during an already difficult time.
  • Saving costs: The burden of a court case can cost both money and time. Dragging out the proceedings over multiple court dates and extending the services of your lawyer can empty your pocket and your patience.
  • Having a say: When a case goes before the court, a judge is the final decider of the terms of the agreement. In mediation, you have a hand in crafting the deal, and therefore have more control over what is on the table.
  • Keeping it private: What happens in the courtroom is a matter of public record, while mediation happens behind closed doors. This can help you discuss concerns honestly with no fear of repercussion if things do end up in court.

Teaming with Effort

And you’re not in this alone. Professional mediators are trained to facilitate the process, and you can still meet with your lawyer by your side. Keep these benefits in mind when considering your mediation. Understand what to expect, prepare for the process, and take advantage of this cooperative system when you part ways.

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