Old Cars Are in the Most Defect-Related Crashes

In Tennessee and across the U.S., more drivers are sticking to older vehicles and not purchasing new ones. The cost of a new car, as well as the cost of maintenance, is too high for many drivers’ budgets. Besides that, a car can last up to 15 years and 300,000 miles.

Unfortunately, many owners, in order to save money, will forgo routine maintenance. Defective parts on old cars can spell trouble for drivers and others on the road. Looking at all the defect-related crashes that occurred in Ohio in the past three years, the Ohio Highway Patrol found that 56% were caused by vehicles with a model year between 1999 and 2008. Model year 2009-2018 vehicles were behind 24% of the crashes.

Tire blowouts and brake failure were the most frequently cited reasons for these crashes. Blown tires in particular are dangerous. The Ohio HP discovered that of the defect-related crashes that were fatal, 42% were caused by blown tires.

According to the Ohio Insurance Institute, the average age of vehicles in 2020 was 11.8 years, which is up from 9.6 years in 2002. Safety experts are encouraging drivers to always follow their owner’s manual and, despite the cost, have issues repaired upfront rather than letting them grow.

Drivers may be held liable for any motor vehicle accidents caused by defective equipment. It could be that they were aware of the defect and had a reasonable amount of time to have it fixed. Those who were injured may see if they have a valid case against the other side by scheduling a legal consultation. The lawyer might hire crash investigators and other experts to gather proof against the defendant before proceeding to negotiations. If successful, victims may be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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