Head-on Collision on Tennessee Highway Kills 2, Injures 2

As any Tennessee resident with a driver’s license knows, operating a motor vehicle requires a great deal of focus. Drivers who fail to maintain that focus can cause danger to others in their path, whether other drivers and passengers or cyclists and pedestrians. Drivers who engage in irresponsible behavior, such as driving while impaired or being extremely tired, or using their cell phone, may not see obstacles in their path in time to react appropriately. A recent fatal head-on collision in Grundy County may have been caused by one or more of these factors.

2 Vehicles Collide on Roadside

The incident happened on a recent Thursday morning on Highway 56. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, a northbound vehicle crossed the center line. Another southbound, vehicle pulled to the side of the road in an attempt to avoid a collision. Unfortunately, the oncoming vehicle continued on its path and collided head-on with the other vehicle.

Driver and Passenger Killed

Reportedly, the 38-year-old woman driving the first vehicle and her 38-year-old female passenger both died in the crash. The driver and a passenger of the car that was hit were injured, although the extent of their injuries has not been reported at this time. Authorities are continuing to investigate the possible causes of the horrific incident.

Many drivers have experienced a time when they momentarily lost their focus while behind the wheel, and they may have taken all possible safety measures before and during their drive. In most cases, the incident passes without consequence. However, in some cases, a driver’s loss of focus is a direct result of his or her reckless actions, as may have been the case here, and these situations often end tragically. If investigative evidence indicates the deceased driver was at fault, the family of the deceased victim and/or the injured victims may consider pursuing the matter through the Tennessee civil justice system. Although the responsible party died as a result of the crash, her estate could be held accountable. A successfully litigated lawsuit would help mitigate some of the unexpected expenses that tend to follow such tragedies, such as hospital bills, funeral costs, etc., as well as bring survivors some comfort.

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