Co-parenting Apps Help Divorced Parents Organize and Communicate

Many divorced Tennessee parents who wish to co-parent their children find some difficulty in doing so without some conflict and in a way that is beneficial for all people involved. For one, emotions run high during and after many divorce situations, often making conversations around children’s schedules and general upbringing very difficult. Add to that the challenges of organizing a child’s daily activities, appointments, etc., and the idea of maintaining a smooth family life can seem insurmountable. Many divorced co-parents have found a co-parenting app an extremely useful technological tool to help them reduce the drama and achieve a successful co-parenting relationship.

Calendar Feature Helps with Organization

Co-parenting apps offer a calendar feature accessible to all people involved. Anyone with access to the app (which may include appropriate parties aside from parents) can manage appointments, school events, sleepovers, etc. Parents can also easily access their custody schedule at any time and request trades without the need for potentially contentious interaction. Anytime a user adds an event to the calendar, other users can see who added it, so questions or scheduling conflicts can be easily addressed. Many co-parenting apps also allow users to upload important documents for all users to see – for example, homework assignments or medication instructions.

Communication Features Reduce Conflict

As well, many apps include messaging features that allow parents to see when messages were sent/received and when they were read. Co-parents can stay connected through communication without speaking directly, likely greatly reducing the potential for conflict. Despite the usefulness and positive aspects of co-parenting apps, experts warn against using the communication features to the exclusion of human interaction. Children of divorce can benefit from witnessing their parents successfully communicating in real-time. Co-parents should also be sure to use the app only for communication relating to the kids.

Most divorced parents simply want what is best for their children, especially those who wish to establish a successful co-parenting relationship. However, with all the challenges that can arise during the divorce process and beyond, putting intentions into practice can be difficult. Like many technological tools, if used appropriately, co-parenting apps can help with organizing family life and eliminating or reducing drama. An experienced family law attorney can answer questions about child custody or any other aspect of the divorce process.

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