Strategies for Getting over an Emotional Divorce

It goes without saying that getting over the dissolution of a long-term marriage is anything but easy. Those who experience an emotional divorce often wonder if they will ever get through the event or feel like themselves again. Life will definitely change after a divorce, but this does not have to be a bad thing. For those in Tennessee who are going through a divorce, these strategies may help facilitate a healthy recovery


Healing from a divorce cannot happen until acceptance has taken place. It’s not uncommon for those who go through divorce to ruminate in denial or attempt to keep ties with the ex-spouse in an attempt to hang on to the past. Denial is only natural and not necessarily a bad thing, but do not get stuck there. In order to heal and move on, accept that the marriage is over and leave the past in the past. 


Divorce is emotionally, psychologically, and physically exhausting, and overwhelming. Self-care should be the primary focus during this time. Many people find that starting a structured routine helps them do the basic things they need to stay emotionally and physically healthy amid a divorce. Make sure to include regular exercise and healthy foods in daily routines. Small, daily actions and habits will have a big impact.  

The end of a marriage is quite possibly one of the most stressful and challenging life events a person can face. Healing will happen, but getting over a divorce is a process that takes time. Any person in Tennessee who has questions or is going through divorce could greatly benefit by consulting with an experienced legal representative. An attorney knowledgeable in family law can answer difficult questions and help guide individuals through this difficult situation. 

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