Traffic Accidents Impact Millions Each Year

Traffic accidents are the eighth-leading cause of death in the world according to a report from the World Health Organization. However, accidents may not receive as much attention from Tennessee residents and others compared to other worldwide causes of death like HIV. Despite this, there are many things that countries around the world are doing to make sure that roads are as safe as possible.

For example, there have been improvements in how roads and vehicles are designed. There has been a recognition that roads that are properly divided or that allow for pedestrian footpaths help reduce the risk of traffic deaths. The UN has also identified standards to make vehicles safer to use. These standards include implementing side- and front-impact prevention systems as well as pedestrian front safety systems. However, only 40 countries have instituted most or all of these standards. None of these countries are designated as low-income; individuals in low-income countries are more likely to die in an accident compared to those in more developed nations.

Another strategy being implemented in some countries is improved medical care after a crash to reduce the chances a person dies before reaching a hospital. Generally speaking, those in high-income countries receive better care after an accident compared to those who live in countries with fewer resources.

If motor vehicle accidents are caused by negligent drivers, injured victims might be entitled to financial relief. This may include money for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings. It may also be possible to receive compensation for property damage in a crash. An attorney may review a case and represent an individual during settlement talks or a trial. In some cases, the matter might go to court before being settled prior to a jury rendering a decision.

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