Distracted Driving in Tennessee School Zones Is a Problem

Tennessee readers know that distracted driving is a problem in the state and across the country. It is quickly becoming a nationwide public safety issue, and many authorities and groups are working diligently to raise awareness and encourage drivers to make safe decisions. Despite these efforts, many people still make the decision to engage in distracting behaviors while driving.

In Tennessee, it is now illegal to drive through a school zone while distracted. This means drivers can receive citations for texting or talking on their phones while driving through designated school zones. Despite the law, many drivers are still using their phones in these areas, which could place children at an increased risk for an accident.

Drivers should know the law

Every person is responsible for the choices he or she makes while behind the wheel. It is also the responsibility of every driver to know the law, drive safely through school zones and do everything possible to avoid collisions. Despite the law about distracted driving through school zones, which into effect earlier in 2018, phone use is a hard habit to break.

The number of citations that state law enforcement have issued in various counties illustrates that drivers are either unaware of the new law or they are simply disregarding it. State laws regarding distracted driving include the following:

  • Drivers cannot use hand-held phones while driving through a school zone.
  • Drivers are not to text while driving.
  • Drivers under the age of 18 cannot at any point talk on their phones, even while using a hands-free device.

Distraction is a problem for drivers of all ages, but it can be particularly problematic for young drivers. These individuals have just learned to drive, and any distraction can be very dangerous.

Are you the victim of distracted driving? 

The number of people driving through school zones while distracted indicates that it is a large problem that affects everyone, even children. No matter where or when a person uses his or her phone while driving, it significantly increases the chance of an accident and injury to innocent people.

If you are the victim of an accident caused by a distracted driver, you have the right to hold that individual accountable for his or her reckless and negligent actions. Through a civil claim, you may be able to secure compensation for your financial losses and damages for your pain and suffering. You may want to first explore the options available to you under Tennessee law.

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